Artist | 藝術家
  Zhang Bin |張 賓  
b. 1982 -    Chinese


2006年 河北師範大學雕塑系
2006年 作品《福。舞》獲 “學院杯”畢業作品二等獎

2010年3月27日 舉辦《穿越》雙人展 北京798藝術區(韓國)
2010年5月22日 參加《生產力:複製時代的中國》北京798藝術區白盒子美術館
2010年5月27日 參加 香港國際藝術展10 (ART HK 10)香港會議展覽中心(香港會展)

Everyone used to have a good spirit. But as we grow up in this world the spirit gets corrupted. Power and fame makes one more and more selfish. And makes one lose the richness of the spiritual side. I find this spiritual side of things is the most precious, but it is very feeble. Therefore we came up with a way to protect it. But that makes thorns grow on us. Hoping that is this will protect us from the temptations of this world, and release the unpeaceful self. The impression of the weather and smell of grass and rain all seem to be magnified compared to now. People around were all very interesting. That's because we had a pure heart. I hope we can keep this kind of heart to live a spiritually rich life.

1982 Born in Handan
2006 Graduated from the Hebei Normal University

 2010 "TRAVERSING" Exhibition, 798 Art District, Beijing
 2010 "Productivity: China in the Copy Time," WHITE BOX MUSEUM OF ART, 798 Art District, Beijing
2010 "Hong Kong International Art Exhibition 10 (ART HK 10) ", Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)

works | 作品欣賞

Turtle dove in Naizifang

Dream 1
90x90x35cm 2008
Song of neatherd
105x84x36cm 2008
Listen to Mom
106x77x48cm 2009


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